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She dropped his body down the hole,

She brushed the dirt from off her skirt

And that was that.

No pangs of guilt,

Obsessed detectives

Or vengeful ghosts;

Only a vague

Sense of


The joyful laughter of a child

-So sweet to hear this warm

  Mid-summer’s day.

The joyful laughter of a child

-A beautiful refrain to send

  Me on my way.

The joyful laughter of a child

-From such a sweet angelic face

 All smeared with blood.

The Sun’s bright light grows cold,

Distant, and dim all to

The joyful laughter of a child.

Finished SAO tonight. I have no strong feelings about it either way tbh. There were a lot of cool concepts but there were also a lot of cheesy and gross (espescially in the AElfheim half of the show) things.

It turns out this Duck Dynasty show I hear so much about isn’t a cartoon staring ducks that follows one of the many dynastic shifts in Chinese history. I am very disappointed. 

When did “rich rednecks” become a genre?


We’re back and mediocre as ever. This week Jake and David discuss Agent’s of SHIELD. Jake hates FitzSimmons but doesn’t mind Fitz and Simmons. David wants more robots. Nicholas J. Fury is indestructible.

TW: Sexism and Abelism.

Link Dump: 

Finale scene Jake hates

First podcast in a thousand years. 

So my cousin got me playing magic. It’s actually a lot of fun but I’m still going to mock other people for playing it because they’re a bunch of weak ass nerds.

Also, at the tournament he took me to I was briefly the hottest guy there which is probably the first time in my life that’s happened in public. So there’s that.

Jake talks Poke-news

Secret bases were one of the things in Gen III that I never really saw the point of. I know other people loved it and I’m sure playing it years after it came out didn’t help my experience, but it just didn’t seem fun to me.

The ability to turn those bases in to gyms gives them a point. It ties the bases to the core gameplay of Pokemon by combining a feature that a lot of people loved with a feature fans having been wanting for years. 

TL,DR: I actually care about bases this time. 

Kids these days with their “friends” and their “outside”. Whatever happened to the good old days when children were content to play video games and watch TV 24 hours a day all summer? 

I”m really glad JJ Abrams won’t be directing all three new Star Wars. I always like his work on a conceptual level but then he always starts throwing in unnecessary convoluted bullshit that ruins everything. Hopefully he’ll have enough time to set up an interesting basis for the next director(s) but not enough to ruin everything.