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Penguin and Mooney are both so fucking good in Gotham. Also have high hopes for Riddler but we’ll see.


Episode 28: Dr. Who/Genocide

This week Jake, Tanner, David, and Sara discuss Tumblr’s beloved Dr. Who. Jake complains about jazz hands, Matt Smith’s face, and pretty much everything else in the show. Tanner falls in love with David Tennant. David watched EVERYTHING. Sara liked the Bannana episode (I still don’t know what this means). 

TW: Racism, Sexism

Link Dump:

Classic Cybermen

Classic Daleks

Great Misfits VFX

Lactokinesis (Couldn’t find the actual scene we talked about)

Dr Who “great” VFX and Deus Ex moment

In which I don’t talk very much in my own podcast.

I never really appreciate tumblr until I have a paper I’m supposed to be writing.

I enjoyed the first episode of Gotham, but I’m also worried about how many villains they’re giving cameos.I didn’t really dislike the way they handled any of them, but there’s just an excessive amount of them for one episode. 

Also, was hoping Bruce Wayne wouldn’t be as big of a deal in the show as it seems like he’ll be.

Stopped watching Legend of Korra about half way through season 2, but I hear good things about season 3. Should I bother finishing season 2, or just jump in to 3?

Some notes on how to avoid buying textbooks

I’ve seen a few posts giving advice on saving text book money, but none of them have mentioned the methods I’ve had the most success with. They’re pretty simple, but I know the classmates I’ve brought them up to had never considered them so here you go:

1. Always check every library available to you. I assume this is less useful for classes that use actual text books, but as a history major about half the books I’ve needed the past two years have been in my library or available through an inter-library lone or E-Book.

2. Google. This one’s less reliable but every once in a while I’ll get lucky and find a free online (probably illegal) copy of a book I need. 

3. Never buy classics (unless you actually want a copy, I guess). This goes for collections of classic poetry, classic novels, collections of classic philosophical pieces etc. They’re all online, trust me. 

The season premier of Agents of SHIELD was pretty good, but I was really hoping that Ward would just kind of disappear from the show completely? 

Shout out to Andrew Luck for single handedly getting me my first fantasy football win.