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I do not care at all about Mewtwo not being in smash bros. The apparent absence of Jigglypuff is a much greater concern. 

So the message from my spam-self disappeared from my inbox without my doing anything to it. It is now hiding evidence so I can’t prove its existence. 


Episode 14: Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings Part 1: Sean Bean Dies at the End

This week Jake and Tanner discuss book/season 1 of Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings. We also discover what Bryan Cranston’s star sign is. Wow. 

Trigger Warnings: Rape and sexism

I got another message from the spam bot that uses my own name and picture to try to fool me in to thinking it is me. This time it is trying to get me to listen to its podcast. It is watching my activity and it is learning and I am afraid. 

This letter from Benjamin Franklin telling his friend to sleep with older women is my new favorite historical document. I just love that it’s almost exactly like something you’d see on a sleazy dude-bro’s blog. 

A few nights ago my friend Tanner brought up my birthday and I literally forgot when it was. Like, I thought it was at the beginning of summer instead of two weeks from now.

I just misspelled my own name three times in a row trying to log in to my school email. 

I am losing my god damn mind. 

Winter Soldier was great despite the fact that 3D movies are awful. 

The only thing that makes me more angry than Tom Bombadil not even being mentioned in the LotR movies is the Tom Bombadil is evil theory. Like, you guys know that he has his own story (in the form of two poems) that addresses like 90% of the shit your talking about right? And he’s pretty clearly not evil in them? It’s like trying to argue that Gandalf never came back because you only read/watched Fellowship.